• French Chief of General Staff Says Public Must Be Prevented From Knowing The Truth About The War In Ukraine

    June 19, 2024
    Chief of the French General Staff, General Pierre Schill, via Wikimedia Commons

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    General Pierre Schill, Chief of the General Staff of the French Army and mouthpiece of the globalist establishment, has expressed his disdain for a free press, calling for mass censorship. According to Schill, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows that in modern warfare public opinion must be controlled by the authorities restricting what information people receive.

    In a lengthy interview with Defense News, the French Chief of Staff said that the war in Ukraine has “changed the dynamics of fighting.” He pointed to the wider use of drones and the military adaptation of civilian technologies, but then added, ominously, that the crisis has proven that the flow of information must be controlled “in order to influence both national and international public opinion.”

    Schill expressed his total disdain for the truth and for the public’s right to know, saying “The army plays a crucial role in the information field. Without the capacity to persuade and counter hostile influence, any military involvement could fail. The emergence of social networks has reinforced this notion and has greatly accelerated the spread of information, whether true or false, while increasing its volume, scope and resonance.”

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    Schill’s remarks can be seen as the globalist establishment’s reaction to dwindling public support for financing the war in Ukraine. A recent Harris Poll showed that 71 percent of Americans believe the U.S. Government should play a role in initiating negotiations to end the war between Ukraine and Russia.

    Under Emmanuel Macron, France has become a puppet state for the Biden Administration. The French army deployed more than 500 troops to NATO’s eastern flank in Romania four days after the conflict began in February 2022. These forces were later expanded to over 1,000 troops, including an air defense unit and a front command center and Macron has been advocating for sending NATO troops to Ukraine.



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    "Let them eat cake". France, the ONLY European country that actively collaborated with the Nazis to build its government on French/Vichy soil and oppress its own people.

    Yeah, no surprise there.

    Walkin O'Shea

    We keep hearing this from the leftist elites all the time. If they don't rule, then no one rules. You start by muzzling the media. And the past repeats itself.

    Robert Travis

    Total surrender by Ukraine to Russia - NOW!

    John Acord

    In other words, the graft must be concealed from the French taxpayers.

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