• Radev Says Bulgaria Cannot Become “An Indefinite Donor To The War In Ukraine”

    July 6, 2024
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    Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, via Facebook

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    In a post on his official Facebook account, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev declared, “I do not accept the government to turn Bulgaria into an indefinite donor to the war in Ukraine and to the ultimate victory, without those who have prepared and adopted the national framework positions for the NATO summit, making it clear at all what ‘ultimate victory’ means. How will it be achieved, what will it cost us as time, money, resources and most of all as risk? Because with every passing day, the risk of this war for us grows.”

    The Bulgarian President went on to say, “I deeply doubt whether the Bulgarian rulers are clear what it means for Ukraine itself to fight to the ultimate victory and what will be left at all of the country’s armed forces, military personnel, infrastructure and its economy. I’ve never stood for inadequate and spineless positions and therefore I refused to go to this forum,” referring to the upcoming NATO summit in Washington D.C. on July 9-11.

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    “Today, an important hearing took place in Parliament on the subject and I want to state clearly that there is hardly anyone who has insisted and worked more than I have to modernize the Bulgarian army, to strengthen the national defense capacity, to increase compatibility with our allies and to strengthen the Bulgarian army…,” Radev wrote. “That is why I believe that the Bulgarian government owes an explanation not only to the parliament members, but to all Bulgarian citizens what commitments it makes on their behalf for the war in Ukraine.”

    The Bulgarian President went on to write, :I do not agree with the made commitment to specific financial assistance, which is by no means small, for arming Ukraine. I also do not agree with the commitment to provide weapons from the arsenal of the Bulgarian Army before we received replacement samples, which has always been my unchanging position.”



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