• Horrific Chairlift Accident: Two Men Plummet After Tow Cable Snapped

    July 6, 2024
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    Two workers suffered multiple injuries after falling from a height of 26ft while carrying out repair work on the Parâng chairlift. They were on the chairlift during maintenance work when the tow cable broke, causing them to fall, according to IPJ Hunedoara, cited by the local publication Replica Hunedoara.

    "Today, around 11:45 AM, the Petroșani Municipal Police were notified about a work accident in the Parâng area (resulting in the injury of two workers). According to initial investigations, it appears that the two men were performing maintenance work on the Parâng chairlift, traveling on the chairlift when the tow cable broke, causing them to fall to the ground from a height of approximately 26ft. The two men are to be transported by first aid crews to a medical facility for specialized care. In this case, the police have opened a criminal investigation for bodily injury, failure to take legal measures for safety and health at work, and failure to comply with these measures. The investigation will be coordinated by a prosecutor from the Petroșani Prosecutor's Office and ITM Hunedoara," stated to IPJ Hunedoara.

    The first chairlift in the Parâng mountain resort was inaugurated in 1974, to connect the areas at the base of the massif to its alpine zone, where, half a century ago, there was only a tourist complex with a closed circuit, mainly intended for athletes. Over time, the alpine area, located at the foot of Parângul Mic, became filled with cabins and guesthouses.

    Evolving Chairlift Infrastructure in Parâng

    The old chairlift ascends to an altitude of 5,511 ft, has a length of 1.55 miles, and features a vertical drop of over 1,968 ft between the starting and ending stations. Its installations have degraded over time, but instead of modernizing the half-century-old chairlift, the authorities in Petroșani opted to build a new one, with the starting station placed in the courtyard of a hotel.

    The construction of the new chairlift, which is 1.2 miles long and has a vertical drop of 1312 ft, began in 2012 as part of a program by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, which aimed to transform Parâng into a vast ski area. However, the Romanian government stopped funding the Parâng Ski Resort project, forcing the Petroșani municipality to take out loans to continue the chairlift construction with local budget funds, according to adevarul.ro.



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